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Tell something about yourself. How did you get exposed to 911 truth, are you already active or still sitting on the fence?
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General news that might be of interest
11th of every month 911 truth action
911 related action in Auckland
911 related action in Hamilton
911 related action in Wellington
Town of choice 911 action
For those of us who like to travel or travel for their profesion and want to bring 911 to every town in New Zealand.
Other ways to spread the truth about 911
Suggestion about how to bring 911 truth into the public conscience.
Action related info for Christchurch
September 11th 2008
Give your ideas and proposals for the 11th of September of 2008. Let's make it a big one for our fellow truther activists in the USA. Take a day of and be there.
The 911 events
The Twin Towers
Everything about the twin towers
The Pentagon

Flight 93

Building 7

The pod planes
For those who want to research the pods under the planes that hit the Twin Towers.
For those who want to research what happened with Building 6
Operation able danger
Everything about able danger
Links to other 911 truth sites
Give us your links to other 911 truth sites
New Zealand Politics in connection to the rest of the world
International and New Zealand finance
How does the international financial world connect with the New Zealand financial world, en it's politics
New Zealand Finance world
About the history of the New Zealand banking system
NZ Federal Reserve history

John Key's banking history

Off topic and Debate
Israeli and Saudi involvement
For those of you who want to research Israeli and Saudi involvement with the events of 911
Debunk the debunkers
For those of you who like spirited debate, and have the stomach for a debunker debunking.
Chill out space. (Off topic)
Let's face it. Sometimes you just want to get to know people on another level than just as a 911 truther, cause I mean some of us actually do have a life. So chill out and allow the other sides of you personality to shine through.
Depleted Uranium
About depleted uranium and it's effects on human beings
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